It's Your World, Let us build it!

Immerse yourself and your customers in your real estate projects before you break ground!

Save Time

We can reduce the time it takes to make decisions, by letting all stake holders to immerse themselves in the project.

Increase Project Knowledge

Don't guess what something will look like.  Is a space too small, too large? Is the flooring correct? When you walk in a virtual space these things become evident without thinking about it.

Reduce Waste

Avoid client mistakes, design mistake and comminucation mistakes.  Mistakes cause wasted time, material and delays. Bringing the all parties into a project virtually allows everyone to see and feel a project before mistakes happen.

Delight Clients

Immerse your customers. Allow them to see what they are choosing while in the space.  Let them see how materials, paints, textures impact the feel and atmosphere, and when it's all complete it will feel correct, look correct and they'll be delighted.

Lyons International provides virtual reality visualization services that enable people to explore and experience real estate in an immersive way. Your vision is created within a fully interactive 3D environment. Imagine bringing your customers, designers, architects and the developer together, within the space before it's built, before ground breaks.

Lyons International can reduce decision times, improve client satisfaction and increase sales. Imagine having multiple show homes with out needing to actually build them. Imagine seeing all design options in the space instead swatches or paint chips, how quickly could decisions be made, how happy would customers be with the final product knowing what it will look like ahead of time.

It's time to move past two dimensional photos, renderings and blueprints. We're ready to assist, because it's your world! We just want to help people see it.

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