Lyons International VR Productions – It's Your World

It's Your World, Let us build it!

Immerse yourself and your customers in your real estate projects before you break ground!

Save Time

We can reduce the time it takes to make decisions, by letting all stake holders to immerse themselves in the project.

Increase Project Knowledge

Don't guess what something will look like.  Is a space too small, too large? Is the flooring correct? When you walk in a virtual space these things become evident without thinking about it.

Reduce Waste

Avoid client mistakes, design mistake and comminucation mistakes.  Mistakes cause wasted time, material and delays. Bringing the all parties into a project virtually allows everyone to see and feel a project before mistakes happen.

Delight Clients

Immerse your customers. Allow them to see what they are choosing while in the space.  Let them see how materials, paints, textures impact the feel and atmosphere, and when it's all complete it will feel correct, look correct and they'll be delighted.

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VR at a Home Show? Quinte Home and Lifestyle Show 2017

We spent three days at the 2017 Quinte Home and Lifestyle Show. We had lot’s of people try out the HTC Vive and our custom home experience created by our Reality Designers! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and checked us out. Below is a quick view of some people testing an alternate reality!

500 industry professionals were surveyed about Virtual Reality.

The VRX survey explores: Is growth meeting expectations for VR companies? Where are companies looking to invest in 2017? What do VR professionals claim is holding them back? Have enterprise companies benefited from VR… and do they intend to spend more? Download a copy of the survey here for free.

Freedom 360 vs Dual Fly360 4k 360 Video

I filmed the same event with a Freedom 360 with Go Pro Hero 4 rig and also with two Fly360 4K Cameras arranged in a dual Fly360 arrangement to eliminate the blind spot. You can see each video: Dual Fly360 4K:… Freedom 360 Hero:… Autopano Video Pro was used for the editing. The […]